Dobson Drive

A Short Horror Story

Steven had a fear similar to countless others.

Amber was his life and the move to a new house was going to be a new start.

Who would have thought that walking the dog would change his life…….


A Supernatural Short Horror Story

Skeet Bowman died in an alleyway.

Ten years later, four schoolgirls mess with something they know very little about.

It was a mistake, a BIG mistake.

Nine till Five NEW.jpg

Nine till Five

A Supernatural Horror Story

Bored at work?
Love to break the mould?

Damien feels the same way. When disturbing occurrences begin to take place however, he thinks he’s found the excitement he is craving.


Is there a logical explanation, or is something more sinister going on?

The House that Jack Built

Old Man Jack is a myth, a legend that school kids use to scare one another. He was once a man who kept his life private, until events unfolded that didn't go in his favour.


His house is seen as a challenge by the kids; a place of eeriness, menace and excitement, a chance to prove their courage to their peers - "Mess about in there and Old Man Jack will get you," they say. Some children have explored the building and come back with elaborate stories of the supernatural to spread around the playground. Some haven't come back at all, or so the tales go. No story is the same, so which one do you believe?


Sebastian, Tommy and Regan have heard all the talk, but are still eager to earn themselves legendary status. 

They are about to find out exactly what happens in the house that Jack built.

project fear 3.jpg

Project Fear: Season 1

Included in this collection are 13 short horror stories for you to devour, some previously published but plenty brand new, so curl up and get comfy. 


Ignore the creepy noises you hear. 

Ignore the moving shadows you see. 

It’s just your imagination…