I have got a few chapters down on the Dobson Lane sequel but new ideas keep popping into my head that I want to run with as well. I've put Dobson Lane 2 (temporary name, honest!) down for the moment but will definitely return to it.

July 2017 - Nine till Five is out! Check the Books tab for the link

I have also had a couple of other story lines that sprung to me at a random times which I've jotted down for future point of reference.

June 2018 - My second novella, The House that Jack Built, has now been released. Check out the Books tab for the link.


Recently I have had work published in others authors projects, which I'm extremely pleased and thankful for...


I have a bonus story added at the end of Matt Hickman's short story collection, Sinister Scribblings (the book as a whole is excellent!).

I also have a story published in the charity anthology, The Reverend Burdizzo's Hymn Book. Proceeds of this go to the NAPAC Charity.